Review: "Composing the party line. Music and politics in early cold war Poland and East Germany" / David G. Tompkins. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2013. ISBN 1557536473

Marta Marciniak, Digitale Wissenschaftsplattform Pol-Int (Www.Pol-Int.Org)
David Tompkins' Composing the Party Line is a unique work in that he undertakes a transnational comparative analysis of specific cultural aspects of the Stalinist period, namely the production, performance and reception of music, primarily classical and modern music, but also popular music like mass songs and entertainment combining music and spoken word. Unless the reader is already familiar with the history of Stalinism in Poland and the GDR, it is best to read this work with other books on the cultural history of the period.
doi:10.11584/opus4-1238 fatcat:4pgq2li63zd2vds4rsyix2qa2i