Pine Forest Soil Characteristics and Major Soil Impact Factors for Natural Regeneration

Min-Suk Kim, Yong-Suk Kim, Hyun-Gi Min, Jeong-Gyu Kim, Namin Koo
2017 Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer  
This study was conducted to identify characteristics of domestic pine forest soils and to elucidate major soil influencing factors for natural regeneration. We analyzed the physico-chemical characteristics of the soil samples collected from 23 pine forests and confirmed the similar results with the forest soil characteristics. Soil pH, organic matter content, total nitrogen, exchangeable Ca, silt content, and exchangeable Al were selected as the major soil factors among the exposed soils
more » ... 10 days of pine seedlings exposure and cultivation experiments and statistical analysis. Multiple regression analysis showed that soil pH had a positive effect on specific root length (SRL) of red pine seedlings and exchangeable Al was a significant factor affecting negative change in SRL. Taken together, the reduction of exchangeable Al by soil pH adjustment would be helpful for natural regeneration by restoring the forest and improving the fine root and root integrity of pine seedlings. Therefore, soil pH and exchangeable Al could be recommended as a major soil factor to be carefully considered in the monitoring and management of soil in pine forests that need to be renewed in the future.
doi:10.7745/kjssf.2017.50.3.179 fatcat:mak4pckdejdllgasjcuvhlecei