A Relational Matrix Algebra and its Implementation in a Column Store

Oksana Dolmatova, Nikolaus Augsten, Michael Hanspeter Böhlen
Analytical queries often require a mixture of relational and linear algebra operations applied to the same data. This poses a challenge to analytic systems that must bridge the gap between relations and matrices. Previous work has mainly strived to fix the problem at the implementation level. This paper proposes a principled solution at the logical level. We introduce the relational matrix algebra (RMA), which seamlessly integrates linear algebra operations into the relational model and
more » ... es the dichotomy between matrices and relations. RMA is closed: All our relational matrix operations are performed on relations and result in relations; no additional data structure is required. Our implementation in MonetDB shows the feasibility of our approach, and empirical evaluations suggest that in-database analytics performs well for mixed workloads.
doi:10.5167/uzh-200909 fatcat:ffgan2sdsvaarj23g4ezp5kscq