Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of two-iron-two-sulfur ferredoxins. 1. Properties of the histidine residues

Tze Ming Chan, John L. Markley
1983 Biochemistry  
The 'H and 13C NMR peaks from the imidazole rings of the two histidine residues in Anabaena variabilis ferredoxin I1 (histidine-16 and histidine-93) were assigned by reference to spectra of the homologous ferredoxin from Spirulina maxima which contains only one histidine residue (histidine-93). The conserved histidine-93 has unusual properties: its pKL in the oxidized protein is abnormally low (5.3 in A . variabilis ferredoxin and 5.9 in S . maxima ferredoxin); its chemical shifts do not change with temperature but
doi:10.1021/bi00294a044 fatcat:vmybw3q6cngejk5qvi6jgdzqt4