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2004 NJES: Nordic Journal of English studies  
Translation today: a global view List of publications by Arne Zettersten Tabula gratulatoria Notes 1. I should like to thank Heinz Giegerich and Winifred Bauer for their helpful comments on an earlier draft of this article. Errors are my own. 2. Lexical items may, of course, be made up of more than one lexeme (as, for example, with idioms). But the prototypical lexical item is a lexeme, and confusion arises about the notion of 'word' in this context. Certainly, it could be claimed, as in Table
more » ... , that blackbird is a word, while black bird is not; we will see that matters are not always this clear. 3.1 assume this list is not complete, since I have had no list of disyllabic adjectives to work from. On the other hand, I considered many more disyllabic adjectives but discovered that they had no relevant examples listed in Chambers. 4. In New Zealand a normal school is a school attached to a teacher-training establishment and used as a training-ground for teacher-trainees. It is presumably normal in the sense that it provides a norm for new teachers. 5. Green belt appears as though it should fit in the second column of Table 7 , but is given first-element stress by the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2002). It gets a correspondingly high score with 222 occurrences. 6. Includes both the contrast with green tea and the contrast with tea with milk. 7. Includes both figurative and literal red carpets. 8. Does not include any mention of chess pieces.
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