New Stability Diagrams of some Phyllosilicates in the SiO2—Al2O3—K2O—H2O System

W. H. Huang
1973 Clays and clay minerals  
Aluminum is treated as a mobile, reactive component in newly designed stability diagrams for the SiO2-AI203-K20-H20 system. The diagrams show that the stability field of kaolinite is strongly dependent on pH at or below 6.7 but at 6-7 or greater the stability field is independent of pH, and also that in present sea water, K-mica is a stable phase with respect to kaolin minerals. Natural waters from present-day, kaolin-forming localities in Mexico and Kentucky are consistent with theoretical
more » ... ith theoretical interpretations from these stability diagrams.
doi:10.1346/ccmn.1973.0210509 fatcat:3n2hv73hdrbxxopxcpjquo4aee