Ecologies of language learning and teaching: a teacher cognition of language learning environments beyond the classroom

Mayumi Kashiwa
How language teachers conceptualise their students' language learning environments, the teacher's roles within these environments, and the relationship between in-class and out-of-class learning in particular may significantly influence what teachers do in the classroom. This research explores language teacher cognition of language learning and teaching beyond the classroom and provides insights into teacher learning processes as a consequence of an inquiry into students' language learning
more » ... ices and environments. Teacher attitudes towards the inquiry process, the development of teacher beliefs about their students' learning environments, their subsequent actions in teaching, and their reconceptualisation of their roles are examined. This is achieved through a multiple case study design involving narrative and thematic analysis of multiple qualitative data sources using visual data, semi-structured face-to-face interviews, and reflective journals entries by the researcher. Teacher participants drew mind maps to represent their conceptualisation of a good language learning environment. Semi-structured interviews were also conducted with the teachers prior to and following their engagement with student survey responses and a mind map drawn by their students each pertaining to their language learning practices. In that way, teachers were encouraged to adopt a holistic view of international students' language learning practices and their language learning environments beyond the classroom from ecological perspectives. This research method also promoted a deeper understanding of student learning ecologies. Four key findings emerged from this research investigation. First, teachers varied in their conceptualisations of ideal student language learning practices and the necessary elements of a good language learning environment beyond the classroom. Second, the teacher inquiry with an ecological perspective prompted teachers to better understand students' language learning practices beyond the classroom using emerging [...]
doi:10.25949/19441298 fatcat:suwtgxfb3fgf3byj2xlpzqwfye