Robust Speech Endpoint Detection in Noisy Environments for HRI (Human-Robot Interface)
인간로봇 상호작용을 위한 잡음환경에 강인한 음성 끝점 검출 기법

Jin-Soo Park, Han-Seok Ko
2013 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Korea  
In this paper, a new speech endpoint detection method in noisy environments for moving robot platforms is proposed. In the conventional method, the endpoint of speech is obtained by applying an edge detection filter that finds abrupt changes in the feature domain. However, since the feature of the frame energy is unstable in such noisy environments, it is difficult to accurately find the endpoint of speech. Therefore, a novel feature extraction method based on the twice-iterated fast fourier
more » ... nsform (TIFFT) and statistical models of speech is proposed. The proposed feature extraction method was applied to an edge detection filter for effective detection of the endpoint of speech. Representative experiments claim that there was a substantial improvement over the conventional method.
doi:10.7776/ask.2013.32.2.147 fatcat:3dscl6md3veotbcd62a2w2wmw4