Erziehungsberatung via Fernsehen als neuer Trend

Claudia Lagler
2009 unpublished
This paper looks at the diversity of human relationships and presents the view that increased individualisation increases insecurity in child education. It is currently a popular format in the media to show these problems through the new genre of "Reality T.V.". Educational counselling via the television seems to be a new trend. This will be analysed by looking at the series "Super Nanny". When the series was broadcasted it created a lot of debate about educational counselling, which this paper
more » ... will examine. The focus of this research study has been on the families which participated in this series. Interviews looking at the problems within the families have been conducted with the mothers. The families had to meet the criteria that at least six months had elapsed since the end of filming for the T.V. program, in order to see whether there had been any lasting effects. The aim of this study is to comprehend the subjective experiences of the families. The conclusion demonstrates that the T.V. program not only brings risks about but can also be a chance for change.
doi:10.25365/thesis.3525 fatcat:t6wzlspspjaanpaxx7mmedcpqu