Review of Emptiness in the Mind-Only School of Buddhism: Dynamic Responses to Dzong-ka-ba's The Essence of Eloquence: I, by Jeffrey Hopkins

Paul G. Hackett
Hopkins's latest book is the first of a planned threevolume set of contributions to research in the Cittamàtra (MindOnly") School of Tibetan Buddhism complementing his previous work on the Màdhyamika ("Middle Way") School. Although drawing on numerous sources both within and outside of the dGe lugs ("Geluk") tradition both written and oral, Hopkins restricts the content of this first volume to an annotated and detailed translation of the prologue and first chapter of Tsong kha paÕs
more » ... a paÕs ("Dzongkaba") Legs bshad snying po ("The Essence of Eloquence"), an exegesis of the hermeneutics of the Cittamàtra School; intra and intersectarian differences and specific philosophical disputes Hopkins reserves for discussion in future volumes."
doi:10.7916/d8sf35q8 fatcat:vjhuy4s6krdqxhb3zehls62siy