Oral Advertise or Mouth to Mouth Advertise Effective Methods of Advertisement in Marketing

Seyed Yahya Seyed Danesh, Hamid Reza Alipour, Sara Golban
2013 Nigerian Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review  
In today's world and new conditions of market we are forced that think to target advertising. Among the various methods of advertising and marketing oral marketing or word of mouth has gained most important among marketers. So that oral advertising is most efficient and effective methods of advertising in marketing. Given the importance of this issue and advertising role of oral effective in current marketing it seems should be manage this phenomenon effectively and with conscious measures will
more » ... benefit its advantages. Because, organizations without the knowledge of how consumer behavior and its understand will not be have ability to adopt appropriate action. However, consumer behavior stems particular beliefs and attitudes in their cultural values. Culture is general and complex concept that includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities. 38 significant impact in consumer choice and also it has special effects on the understanding that consumer is obtained from product (Gruen et al, 2006) . Thus may be there are different motivations in use or production of oral advertise. Previous Research 1. Investigated Oral Advertising and Analysis of its effect on the attract rural tourists : Case Study Paveh rural Nouri Et al. 2012 Research findings indicate that visited tourists to Paveh to a great extent have used from oral advertising as main source of their travel information. According to the findings and effective factors on its effectiveness provides ability to attract more tourists to study area. Reviews the relationship between cultural values and word of mouth marketing among University students of Guilan Asgari 2012 The results of his study was confirmed relationship between all dimensions of Hofstede cultural values apart from the individual on the word of mouth marketing. Cultural differences in effects of oral advertising on the Changes of communication services Schumann 2010 Their results showed that perceived oral advertising has significant positive effect on the perceived service quality of customer. Also oral advertising has significant effect on the evaluation of customer with high avoid uncertainty than customers with low avoid uncertainty.
doi:10.12816/0003705 fatcat:7ekkomqfjredhi2gzpgzh2p5hi