ARIEL A Review of International English Literature Editor George Wing GODFREY • PRATT By SANDRA DJWA • NAIM KATTAN Possibilities Essays on the State of the Novel Commonwealth Literature Modern Latin American Literature English Poetry and the English Language The Middle Ages in French Literature 1851-1900

William New, Desmond, Pacey Robertson, Ronald Sutherland, George Woodcock, Margaret Atwood, Douglas Barbour, Ralph Gustafson, David Helwig, Irving Layton, Alden Nowlan, P Page (+18 others)
The English novel: is it dead, dying, or about to be reborn? Bringing a number of fresh perspectives to bear on this perennial question. Malcolm Bradbury deals with the novel's relation to reality; with the comic mode as practised by a range of novelists from Fielding and Jane Austen to Huxley and Waugh; with the modernist novels of the 1920s, and with those being written today. £ 3.50 Oxford Paperbacks £1.75 This book charts the course and maps the main achievement of writing in English
more » ... g in English outside the tradition of Britain and the U.S. The stress is on work of the twentieth century; the book is concise, comprehensive, and unambiguous in its judgement. £1.50 paper covers 65p OPUS The thesis advanced in this book is that a proper understanding of poetry is not obtained by investigating the particular poet's career or the nature of his society. These are at best secondary considerations. It is the special uses to which he puts his society and personality in the language of his time that are ultimately decisive. Third edition £1.75