Demokratyczne systemy prawne a faszyzm : wstęp do studium

Sławomir Tkacz, Aleksandra Wentkowska
While fascist ideology was subjected to comprehensive political or sociological analysis, the analysis of the legal order of fascist countries is much less frequently undertaken by scholars. Thinking about the law as a product and an element of human coexistence, in particular the relationship between "officials" who create legal provisions, and the addressees, can be extremely helpful in the course of research that aims to answer questions about the relationship of law and values. The major
more » ... alues. The major goal of this article is to reconstruct an axiology of fascist nations and to answer a question: which elements of this axiology are accepted in legal orders of European countries. The aim of the authors is to specify a range of elements characteristic for fascist ideology spreading in the legal systems of the contemporary European democracies and legal system of the European Union as well as specify dangers linked with it. Normally, the opinions referring to the fascist ideologies, penetrating the modern legal orders and lack of dangers linked with it, are based on myths.
doi:10.34616/fiuw.2020.1.233.253 fatcat:hpo7ygy6tfef7j3d6d34vq6vmq