Ademar Pozzatti Junior
2020 Revista da Faculdade de Direito da UFMG  
In addition to classical cosmopolitanism, which emphasized the moral appeal of philosophy, post-metaphysical cosmopolitanism gains juridical-political outlines from the crisis of democratic legitimacy that permeates territories whose inhabitants do not all share the same nationality. In this perspective, this research aims to question whether post-metaphysical cosmopolitanism has elements to affirm that there is a duty of international cooperation, or whether, on the contrary, contact between
more » ... , contact between States would simply be acts of reciprocal courtesy and convenience. The hypothesis is that the perspective of a juridical cosmopolitanism can help in the materialization of a duty of international cooperation, starting from the idea that the crisis of the territoriality today has put in check the democratic legitimacy, demanded a new institutional engineering of political belonging to deal with legal relationships between individuals and foreign states. The theoretical discussion proposed suggests that, in addition to thinking about "what" should be subject to legal protection, Seyla Benhabib's approach helps to reflect on the "how" to implement politically what is the subject of legal rule. In this endeavor, international cooperation plays a key role. Methodologically the article operates a hypothetical-deductive reasoning, permeated by dialectical exercise. K E Y W O R D S : I n t e r n a t i o n a l L a w. Cosmopolitanism. International Cooperation. Seyla Benhabib. SUMÁRIO: Introdução 1. Crise da territorialidade e direitos de pertencimento 2. Uma nova gramática para o dever de hospitalidade kantiano 3. Cosmopolitismo como "direito a ter direitos" nas democracias liberais 4. Iterações democráticas como cooperação. Conclusão.
doi:10.12818/p.0304-2340.2020v76p17 fatcat:4fuczsf7xbczvkkfyfp3of2joi