Effect of Hongteng Yangwei decoction on serum MG7-Ag, PG, TPS and OPN level of patients with gastric cancer

Yan-Hua Fei, Nan-Yao Wang, Qiong Wang
2016 Journal of Hainan Medical University  
Objective: To explore Hongteng Yangwei decoction on patients with gastric cancer serum associated antigen (MG7-Ag), pepsin (PG), tissue polypeptide specific antigen (TPS) and osteopontin (OPN) levels, so as to provide the basis for treatment of gastric cancer. Method: From April 2012 to April 2015 due to gastric cancer received treatment of 90 cases of patients into the study, and then balance divided into group A, group B, group C, 30 cases of each group. Group A patients took Hongteng Yangwei
more » ... ok Hongteng Yangwei decoction treatment, group B taking Wei Fu Chun pills treatment, group C with western medicine treatment. Before treatment for all patients, after January, the treatment of February after the detection, the main indicators of detection MG7-Ag, PG, TPS and OPN. Result: Level comparison MG7-Ag and SFAS in patients who received treatment before treatment, 1 month, 2 months of serum MG7-Ag detection after treatment patients were lower than those before treatment, difference had statistical significance: group A, patients taking Yangwei decoction treatment group C, B group of patients, the difference had no statistical significance. Treatment for 1 month, 2 months, a group of patients with serum PG levels higher than before treatment, and higher than that of B and C groups of patients, the differences were statistically significant. Serum levels of OPN and TPS level was significantly lower than that before treatment, difference was statistically significant, a group of patients with serum OPN, TPS level lower than B and C groups of patients, the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion: For the patients with gastric cancer Hongteng Yangwei decoction, serum levels of OPN and TPS decreased significantly. Serum PG increased, effect was significant, the patient serum MG7-Ag level with the western medicine, Wei Fu Chun pills in efficacy had no significant change, should be further in-depth study.
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