A comparative study posters with metaphysical approach in Japan, France, Italy (with an emphasis on cultural posters)

Babak Dehghani, Azadeh Eftekhari
2015 unpublished
Many cultural phenomena express and display art, an expression of the concept of pay. Cultural, metaphysical nature posters through to enact the implicit message that nations have helped to understand the cultural foundations, Perhaps the comparative posters metaphysical approach in different countries to fill the gaps in the field of comparative cultural posters, This study and implementation posters metaphysical approach in three countries, Japan, France and Italy in the field of poster art
more » ... culture trying to prove through scientific and theoretical arguments, bills can be very influential in the field of cultural transmission. Qualitative research is interpretive model approach, gathering materials for a documentary style and with first and second sources have been taking notes. The results show that non-conventional and lack of communication with the audience is the most important factor in this type of work. Its posters instrumental artists have understood, this lack of communication with the audience and the silence that exists in the type of messaging indirectly, is connected. The major issue, move the message to the audience but also strengthen and extend it, which is important in cultural posters. The perspective of the artist's imagination is born into the artistic beauty that pushes the aim of art in terms of aesthetics of art.