Solar-like oscillations in open cluster stars

D. Stello et al.
2007 Communications in Asteroseismology  
Asteroseismology of stellar clusters is potentially a powerful tool. The assumption of a common age, distance, and chemical composition provides constraints on each cluster member, which significantly improves the asteroseismic output. Driven by this great potential, we carried out multi-site observations aimed at detecting solar-like oscillations in the red giant stars in the open cluster M67 (NGC 2682) (Stello et al. 2006). Here we present the first analysis of our data, which show evidence
more » ... excess power in the Fourier spectra, shifting to lower frequencies for more luminous stars, consistent with expectations from oscillations. If the observed power excesses were due to stellar oscillations, this result would show great prospects for asteroseismology in stellar clusters.
doi:10.1553/cia150s149 fatcat:47w4di2rsjgkdhce7eajaazewu