Clustered CDMA ad hoc networks without closed-loop power control

A. Hasan, K. Yang, J.G. Andrews
IEEE Military Communications Conference, 2003. MILCOM 2003.  
This paper develops a system design for clustered wireless ad hoc networks, combining CSMA and CDMA to enable spatial reuse and simultaneous transmissions. Typically, CDMA networks require fine-tuned power control, but here that requirement is eliminated through a combination of open loop power control, user ordering, and successive interference cancellation (SIC). A network topology with high network awareness via a broadcast CSMA channel is developed. The resulting system increases network
more » ... oughput and overcomes existing problems with IEEE 802.11.
doi:10.1109/milcom.2003.1290308 fatcat:vguthhp5ivctree3ncnfshxvc4