High-speed diagnostic pulsewise-periodic of electric discharge in water

Victor A. Kolikov, Mikhail E. Pinchuk, Anatoly G. Leks, Philipp G. Rutberg, Xun Hou, Wei Zhao, Baoli Yao
2007 27th International Congress on High-Speed Photography and Photonics  
The results of research of pulsewise-periodic discharge in a water with a periodic time from 10 Hz up to several kHz, duration of discharge impulse 1-50 µs, current amplitude 10-100 A, current rise rate from 10 6 A/s to 10 8 A/s are presented. The optical diagnostic of electric discharge in a water is carried out by the high-speed miniature 9-frame image converter camera K-011, one frame camera NanoGate-1 and the spectrograph with ICCD. The camera K-011 allows to register up to 9 frames with an
more » ... exposition up to 0.1 µs and time between frames up to 0.1 µs. The exposure time of NanoGate-1 is up to 10 ns. The registration of spectra can be carried out with an exposition up to 5 ns. The program complex allows to record of a series of discharge impulses. The main discharge parameters was determined by this high-speed optical diagnostics: discharge channel temperature, velocity of channel expansion, compression waves dynamic was determined. The feature of the channel formation were detected in unipolar mode of discharge and in oscillate mode.
doi:10.1117/12.725381 fatcat:5bk23hbj4vfs5anzgjkfbmtnn4