Reprise Editor's Note

Selina Lai-Henderson
2019 Journal of Transnational American Studies  
interview, Lim shares with us the inspiration behind her book of poetry, What the Fortune Teller Didn 't Say (1998), charting her journey of "relocating" herself from being a Malaysian writer at a younger age to "a diasporic Malaysian or Asian writer" in California as a daughter, mother, and feminist. The "power of agency" that she articulates in her work finds continued expressions in the "deliberative process of identification," often through the "intersectional space" between the US and
more » ... een the US and Asia, a space she frequently straddles. Such a conscientious "act of recognition, acknowledging where one finds oneself" is indeed what gives Lim's beautiful body of work such a unique literary consciousness. Next, this section turns attention to the transnational relations between the United States and China. Despite historical confrontations and continued tension, the two nations have an equally rich impact on how they inform and inspire one another's cultural and literary legacies. Reprise here addresses this topic by bringing together three pieces of writing that examine the place and imagination of the United States in contemporary China in the realms of literature, music, and film: First, Yu Jianhua's introduction to A Companion to American Literature, originally published as 美国文学大辞典 (2005), a compilation of American writers and their works in Chinese with commentaries by Chinese scholars that he coedited with a team of more than thirty scholars
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