Novel Control Strategy for Multi-Level Active Power Filter without Phase-Locked-Loop

Guojun Tan, Xuanqin Wu, Hao Li, Meng Liu
2010 Energy and Power Engineering  
Active power filter (APF) using novel virtual line-flux-linkage oriented control strategy can not only realizes no phase-locked-loop (PLL) control, but also achieves a good inhibitory effect to interfere. However, there are some problems in the conventional method, such as the error of amplitude, the shift of phase angle and the non-determinacy of initial oriented angle. In this paper, two one-order low-pass filters are adopted instead of the pure integrator in the virtual line-flux-linkage
more » ... ne-flux-linkage observer, which can steady the phase and amplitude. Furthermore, an original scheme of harmonics detection under the rotating coordinate is advanced based on the simplified space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) strategy. Meanwhile, by using the new SVPWM algorithm, the voltage space vector diagram of the three-level inverter can be simplified and applied into that of two-level inverter, and this makes the control for Neutral Point potential easier.
doi:10.4236/epe.2010.24038 fatcat:465ul4s6wra2rat7h65oiek6e4