Micro- and macrostresses in two level model of coating growth

N. N. Nazarenko, A. G. Knyazeva
In the work, a two level model of coating growing with the diffusion and chemical compounds formation is proposed. The process of coating formation includes different physico-chemical steps and transformations of the structure. From the experiments it was established that the coating consists of the following substances: 4+ titanium oxide, titanium pyrophosphate, calcium pyrophosphate, calcium titanophosphate. Coating growth rate is determined by the deposition rate and the dispersion of the
more » ... ticles suspended in the electrolyte. The processes taking place in the electrolyte itself are not considered. The two levels (level of separate particles and level of macroscopic sample) are connected through the calculation of effective properties and parameters of the reaction. The influence of the model's parameters on the coating compound's and the sample's stress-strain state has been investigated.
doi:10.1063/1.4898974 fatcat:q5fugakvrzgjpllj7o3m6doagy