A Review on a Novel Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication Using Hybrid Cloud #1

Akash Dodke
2015 International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO A hybrid cloud architecture is combination of a public cloud and a private cloud bound together by either standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability. The data owners only outsource their data storage by utilizing public cloud while the data operation is managed in private cloud. To make data management scalable in cloud computing, deduplication has been a very well-known technique recently is use. Deduplication reduces your bandwidth
more » ... ments, speeds up the data transfers, and it keeps your cloud storage needs to a minimum. Data deduplication is one of important data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data, and has been widely used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space and save bandwidth. Proposed system presents an advanced scheme to support stronger security by encrypting the file with differential privilege keys. In this way, the users without corresponding privileges cannot perform the duplicate check. To maintain the confidentiality of data the convergent encryption technique has been used to encrypt the data before outsourcing. Authorized deduplication system support differential authorization duplicate check. Different from traditional deduplication systems, the differential privileges of users are further considered in duplicate check besides the data itself and Backup server.