All-optical modulation of four-wave mixing in an Rb-filled photonic bandgap fiber

Vivek Venkataraman, Pablo Londero, Amar R. Bhagwat, Aaron D. Slepkov, Alexander L. Gaeta
2010 Optics Letters  
We demonstrate efficient all-optical modulation using Rb vapor confined to a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber. The intensity of a signal field participating in the four-wave-mixing process is modulated using a weak switching field. We observe 3 dB of attenuation in the signal field with only 3600 photons of switching energy, corresponding to 23 photons per atomic cross section λ 2 =ð2πÞ. Modulation bandwidths as high as 300 MHz are observed.
doi:10.1364/ol.35.002287 pmid:20596222 fatcat:mzqbzxtrdzdwzhuvkuoyp6hlsm