LEAP-2017: Comparison of the Type-B Numerical Simulations with Centrifuge Test Results [chapter]

Majid T. Manzari, Mohamed El Ghoraiby, Mourad Zeghal, Bruce L. Kutter, Pedro Arduino, Andres R. Barrero, Emilio Bilotta, Long Chen, Renren Chen, Anna Chiaradonna, Ahmed Elgamal, Gianluca Fasano (+27 others)
2019 Model Tests and Numerical Simulations of Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading  
This paper presents comparisons of 11 sets of Type-B numerical simulations with the results of a selected set of centrifuge tests conducted in the LEAP-2017 project. Time histories of accelerations, excess pore water pressures, and lateral displacement of the ground surface are compared to the results of nine centrifuge tests. A number of numerical simulations showed trends similar to those observed in the experiments. While achieving a close match to all measured responses (accelerations, pore
more » ... pressures, and displacements) is quite challenging, the numerical simulations show promising capabilities that can be further improved with the availability of additional high-quality experimental results.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-22818-7_10 fatcat:hzc3cojr4zeqznqlupyhzmoyhu