A Study on Fracture Behavior for FRP Composite Girder Filled with Concrete
콘크리트를 충진한 FRP 합성 거더의 파괴 거동에 관한 연구

2008 Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute  
This study is about manufacturing and producing girder, which is an essential component of bridge structure, in a composite of FRP + concrete. This has a higher competitive power in price than steel girder. The girder used in this study is made of glass fiber which has a lower elastic modulus than steel and thus has some technical limitations such as excessive deflection compared to steel girder and lack of production facilities in FRP production companies to make a large-section component
more » ... ial. Thus, this study suggested a section of a new module that will allow for applying a large section in order to solve the technical difficulties mentioned above and to secure low stiffness of FRP, developed a new FRP+concrete composite girder that is filled with the appropriate amount of concrete. To identify the structural behavior of this FRP+concrete composite girder, experiments were conducted to measure its flexural strength according to the difference in the strength of confined concrete and the existence of stud. The results of the flexural strength test confirmed the composite effect from confining concrete and the effect of increase in strength proportional to the strength of concrete. In developing FRP+concrete composite girder, NDT study was also conducted to analyze the interface characteristics of concrete and FRP.
doi:10.4334/jkci.2008.20.1.059 fatcat:kjbof5ffxzgedmzllkh2bcaz4e