Major Ecological Transitions in Wild Sunflowers Facilitated by Hybridization

L. H. Rieseberg
2003 Science  
Hybridization is frequent in many organismal groups, but its role in adaptation is poorly understood. In sunflowers, species found in the most extreme habitats are ancient hybrids, and new gene combinations generated by hybridization are speculated to have contributed to ecological divergence. This possibility was tested through phenotypic and genomic comparisons of ancient and synthetic hybrids. Most trait differences in ancient hybrids could be re-created by complementary gene action in
more » ... tic hybrids and were favored by selection. The same combinations of parental chromosomal segments required to generate extreme phenotypes in synthetic hybrids also occurred in ancient hybrids. Thus, hybridization facilitated ecological divergence in sunflowers.
doi:10.1126/science.1086949 pmid:12907807 fatcat:if5alkmg2rf6nkoyp26wnbnm5i