Comparative analysis of subgingival red complex bacteria in obese and normal weight subjects with and without chronic periodontitis

Jaideep Mahendra, Snophia Suresh, AngabakkamRajasekaran Pradeep Kumar, Gurdeep Singh, Selvaraj Jayaraman, Roshini Paul
2017 Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology  
Obesity is one of the systemic conditions which influence the onset and progression of periodontal disease and it is stated that the metabolic changes associated with obesity may contribute to alteration in subgingival microbial flora. Our study was aimed to quantify and compare the red complex microorganisms in obese or overweight and normal weight participants with and without chronic periodontitis to identify obesity as a risk for the presence of red complex bacteria. The study group
more » ... d of 120 participants of age between 20 and 45 years of both the sexes. According to periodontal status, the participants were categorized into four groups as follows: thirty overweight or obese individuals with generalized chronic periodontitis (Group I), thirty normal weight individuals with chronic periodontitis (Group II), thirty overweight or obese individuals with healthy periodontium (Group III), and thirty normal weight individuals with healthy periodontium (Group IV). After the assessment of periodontal parameters, subgingival plaque sample collection was carried out to quantify the red complex bacteria by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Increase in red complex bacterial count was seen in group I compared to other groups. A positive correlation of red complex bacteria with body mass index and waist circumference was seen in Group I and III. In our study, obese individuals with periodontal disease harbored increased red complex bacteria. This states that the obesity could be a risk for the colonization of red complex microorganisms, which in turn may further lead to periodontal inflammation.
doi:10.4103/jisp.jisp_241_17 pmid:29440783 pmcid:PMC5803872 fatcat:pvqdt6sornc63mjosksnwu5vta