Cortical Correlates of Human Balance Control

Andreas Mierau, Britta Pester, Thorben Hülsdünker, Karin Schiecke, Heiko K. Strüder, Herbert Witte
2017 Brain Topography  
two topographically delimitable connectivity networks (weighted directed networks) are established; one associated with the alpha and one with the theta frequency band. The theta network sequence can be described as a set of subnetworks (modules) comprising the frontal, central and parietal cortex with individual temporal and spatial developments within and between those modules. In the alpha network, the occipital electrodes O1 and O2 act as a source, and the interactions propagate
more » ... y in the directions from occipital to parietal and to centro-parietal areas. These important findings indicate that balance control is supported by at least two functional cortical networks. Keywords Posture · Brain · EEG · Directed functional connectivity · Partial directed coherence Andreas Mierau and Britta Pester have contributed equally to this study. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article (
doi:10.1007/s10548-017-0567-x pmid:28466295 pmcid:PMC5495870 fatcat:s64o7r6ydrdexebm2aj3o75rsa