The Effect of Phytoprotection Programs on the Control of the Main Apple Pests

Ramona Beşleagă, M. Tălmaciu, E. Cârdei, Nela Tălmaciu, G. Corneanu
2013 Cercetari Agronomice in Moldova  
In recent decades, positive changes have been occurred on the fruit crops protection, because of new synthetic or natural substances, more effective and less toxic. In 2011, at Fruit Growing Research and Development Station Iaşi, Romania, was tested a phitosanitary program that aimed especially to control the main pest of apple, being introduced the next generation of plant protection products, such as: Coragen, Proteus, Calypso, Decis 25 WG. The research was carried out for Idared, Golden
more » ... Idared, Golden delicious and Florina, on tow variants for each variety. Phytosanitary treatments applied for pest control were supplemented with fungicides used to combat major apple deseases. Until blooming tow treatments were applied for each variant, and after the petals fall, treatments were carried out at warning. Observation and measurements were performed after the treatments and they showed, at the end of each generation, the percentage of attacked fruits by the main apple pests. These produsts applied in a few treatments have provided a strong efficacy in combating major apple pests: codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.), fruit skin moth (Adoxophyes reticulana Hb.), leaf miner moth (Phyllonorycter sp.) and mites (Panonychus sp.). To combat lepidoptera, best result were obtained with Calypso 480 SC and Coragen insecticides, and also, products such as Decis 25 WG and Proteus, have ensured a good health in apple plantation.
doi:10.2478/v10298-012-0077-7 fatcat:ztieckdipjhi3fbpc6k6tab4ja