Continuous Control Strategy of Planar 3-Linkage Underactuated Manipulator Based on Broad Neural Network

Siyu Chen, Yawu Wang, Pan Zhang, Chun-Yi Su
2021 Actuators  
For the position control of a planar 3-linkage underactuated manipulator (PTUM) with a passive first linkage, a continuous control strategy is developed in this paper. In particular, a broad neural network (BNN)-based model is first established to accurately describe the motion coupling relationship between the passive linkage and the second linkage. Based on this model, by using the particle swarm optimization algorithm, the target angles of all linkages are calculated combining the start
more » ... s of all linkages and the target position of the PTUM. Then, the target angles of the active linkages are directly achieved by their respective actuators, and that of the passive linkage is also achieved by the rotation of the second linkage. By carrying out several experiments, the effectiveness of the above strategy is verified.
doi:10.3390/act10100249 fatcat:7qqtixbv4rgnxhteil3swx5yyy