Hamdan Yabva
As the story goes, there was once a creature of God by the name of Gunawan Basara. He once held a position in the Antah Berantah Government. Then when his age reached over than half a century and half a decade he was retired as it was the regulation of the Antah Berantah Government of that time. Having retired, he began to perform various religious practices, be they the obligatory or the commendable, which he performed in abundance. Before retiring, he never left his obligatory religious
more » ... ory religious obligations no matter how important his work was but he took his commendable religious obligations lightly and they came in second to his job. So if before retiring he did not go regularly to the mosque, after retiring the mosque was a place he frequented to perform his religious obligations. He performed his religious duties and made supplication for the well-being of his parents, relatives and friends who had passed away. And he gave to the poor in moderation and in accordance to what he could afford. When Gunawan Basara was in office, he did not hold a high position such as that of an officer of the royal court, Treasurer, Mayor or Admiral as he had officers higher up than him ordering him about and neither did he hold a lowly position as he also ordered others about in carrying out his duties. Such was the way he earned his living, not too little and not too much and he was beneficent towards his extended family members, friends and people of his kampong. His being beneficent was good as it would be rewarded by Allah the Almighty as it also is an act claimed by his religion. And so the storyteller continued with his tale. After several months of retirement and performing religious obligations, along with carrying out charity work in that area, by the will of Allah the Almighty bad fortune 101