Özgür Sarı-
2019 Kesit Akademi  
The Law on the Amendment of the Law on the Establishment of Metropolitan Municipality in 26 Provinces and 26 Districts and Some Laws and Decree Laws, which changed the Turkish management system on the basis of local administrations, was approved in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 12 December 2012 and entered into force after the local elections dated 30.03.2014. This new law, which made a fundamental change in the Municipal Law No. 5216, has been a fundamental change that transformed the
more » ... municipal administrations, special provincial administrations and village administrations. With this law, the villages in the provinces where metropolitan municipalities are located have been transformed into neighborhoods and caused radical changes in the rural areas where agriculture and animal husbandry are concentrated. All of the provincial borders were taken to the borders of the metropolitan municipality and village legal entities were abolished and turned into neighborhoods. rural areas and rural population suddenly home in Turkey with this law and urban areas has been defined as urban population. This transformation has increased the service obligations and service areas above the existing and newly established metropolitan municipalities. As an additional burden, various problems have arisen in meeting and carrying out these services items that are in the budget of municipalities. In addition, with this law, which is prepared without investigating the economic levels and geographical conditions of rural areas, it is understood that metropolitan municipalities cannot be efficient and effective in the preparation
doi:10.29228/kesit.40174 fatcat:gdf5s3byejfj3h335qw6hirgze