A Comprehensive Theory of Multi-Aspect Interaction with Cyber Physical Systems

Junfeng Wang, Suihuai Yu
2016 International Journal of Smart Home  
Interaction with Cyber physical systems (CPSs) greatly differ from traditional human computer interaction. A theory that could explain multi-aspect interaction with cyber physical systems and would facilitate the implementation of highly interactive CPSs is needed. This paper tries to make the first steps in this direction and to provide insights for a necessary new theory. Four kinds of interaction which play a crucial role in the operation of CPSs and four fundamental aspects of interaction
more » ... .e. levels, domains, contexts and modalities) are introduced. The theory explains both the aspects and the various constituents that should be considered. The novelty of the theory is in that it establishes relationships between the four aspects and supports the specification of wishful interaction profiles. Finally, a practical case of robot assisted smart bathroom is used to show how the theory can systematize and rationalize the designing of interaction with CPSs. emergency cab, or displace the patient to a different room). We are moving toward the age when unsupervised system-system interaction (SSI) will be a daily reality. As shown in Figure 1 , the above mentioned types of interaction can be arranged according to agents that initiate the fulfillment of a particular objective through the interaction. Human System HHI SSI HSI SHI
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2016.10.3.11 fatcat:ngv2nciopfgd5c3vjza34bw4bm