Quality and Yield Characteristics of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Grown at Paddy Field in Spring Season

Ju Sung Im, Ji Hong Cho, Dong Chil Chang, Yong Ik Jin, Young Eun Park, Chung Gi Chun, Dong Un Kim, Hong Seob Yu, Jong Nam Lee, Myung Jun Kim
2013 Korean Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology  
This study was conducted to determine the characteristics of quality and yield in potatoes grown at paddy field before rice transplantation during the spring season. Three potato cultivars ('Jowon', 'Haryeong', and 'Goun') were grown in Gangneung (asl 5 m) and Seocheon (asl 20 m). In both locations, weather condition belonged to the fourth zone (spring cropping) in potato production location's distribution of Korea. Daily mean soil temperature in both the locations was 0.2-0.6℃ lower than air
more » ... 6℃ lower than air temperature, while soil moisture was adequate level to potato growth in spite of spring drought. TR ratio was not affected by location, but by cultivar. Specific gravity, starch content, dry matter rate, and yield were significantly influenced by location and by cultivar. There was no difference in total tuber number by location, however there was a large gap in marketable tuber yield according to locations and cultivars. There were high negative relationships between yield and main qualities such as dry matter rate and starch content, while high positive correlation was observed between main qualities. It was possible to produce potato before rice transplanting at drained paddy fields located in representative two locations of potato spring cropping and their characteristics in growth and quality were similar to those generally well known in upland cultivation. Paddy field was thought to be more favorable than upland in terms of available soil moisture supply against spring drought. Further research, however, was needed to increase soil temperature and also preliminary review on proper cultivar according to location seemed to be needed for high yield.
doi:10.7235/hort.2013.12060 fatcat:4xrp2avvsfb2difuq4kh25qooa