Can functional units of protozoan periphytons be used to evaluate ecological quality status under harmful algal blooms in marine ecosystems? [post]

Uroosa Uroosa, Syed Shabi Ul Hassan Kazmi, Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman, Henglong Xu
2021 unpublished
Based on biological traits the ecological quality status (EQS) under the pressure of two harmful algal bloom (HAB) species was evaluated using functional units (FUs) of protozoan periphytons. Five treatments with different concentrations of Alexandrium tamarense and Gymnodinium catenatum were designed as100, 102, 103, 104 and 105 cell ml− 1. A total of 21 FUs were identified from 25 test protozoan species. Vagile algivores with large sizes showed a decreasing trend towards high concentrations,
more » ... hile the vagile bacterivores and non-selectives with small sizes were dominating in concentrations (104 cell ml− 1) of both algal species. Ellipse test on pair-wise functional distinctness indices revealed a significant departure of test protozoan samples from an expected pattern when algal concentrations were over 104 cell ml− 1. Thus, it is suggested that FUs of protozoan periphyton assemblages may be used as a useful tool for evaluating the effects of HAB on ecological quality status in marine ecosystems.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:haehmtpxpnf4dfcz7hmpyajvei