Preparation of apple spirit by ceramic pervaporation membrane

M.A. Molnár, E. Márki, Gy. Vatai
2016 Acta alimentaria  
This study was based on the production of an alcoholic beverage from apple using laboratory pervaporation equipment. Hungarian fruit brandy is called pálinka, which can be made by pot distiller or multistage distiller made of copper. In case of traditional pot still distillation the fi nal product is gained from two separate distillations. Pervaporation is an energy effi cient membrane process for separating liquid mixtures. Application of pervaporation to separate the product of the initial
more » ... t of the initial distillation leads to lower energy consumption than using double-distillation process. The aim of our work was to develop an alternative technology for the production of pálinka that integrates distillation and pervaporation.
doi:10.1556/066.2016.45.4.12 fatcat:tq2zgq4xwvh2la4p3i3fxbod6q