A-10 震災前後での節水意識・入浴行動の変化に関する研究
Study on the Change of Water-save Consciousness・the Bathing Behavior Before and After an Earthquake in Japan

Ayaka HIROSE, Kanako TOYOSADA, Yasutoshi SHIMIZU, Akihiko IIO, Kyosuke SAKAUE
2012 Techinical Papers of Annual Meeting the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan  
Synopsis : People ' s energy conservation consciousness and use act are changing bordering on the great earthquake of 3, 11. Moreover , reducing water consumption becomes not only water saving but also CO2 reduction by power ・ saving . Then , the nationw 量 de WEB questionnaire showed the analysis result about the energy conservation consciousness before and behind an earthquake disaster , a water use act , speciaHy the bathing behavior. The number ofeffective replies is 1200 affairs . As a
more » ... affairs . As a result , there is a person in whom power ・ saving consciousness increased 70% . And elderly people and a woman have high energy − saving consciousness . In addition the result many change to shower bathing was obtained from bathtub bathing, so that there was little household number
doi:10.18948/shasetaikai.2012.1.0_37 fatcat:my4ioq4cczccxpsusxy7vjy6ke