Asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase from Brugia malayi complexed with the sulphamoyl analogue of asparaginyl-adenylate [unknown]

T. Crepin, M. Haertlein, M. Kron, S. Cusack
2010 unpublished
Lymphatic Filariasis is one of the most abandoned tropical diseases caused by the parasite, Brugia malayi. The existing conventional drugs act generally on the larval stages of the parasite. The enzyme asparaginyl tRNA synthetase is an excellent molecular target as it plays a crucial role in protein synthesis. Evidences based on the literature presented clues to discover the flavonoids as potential anti-filarial leads, which led to the scope for this computational study. The computational
more » ... computational parameters such as docking score, binding energy, intermolecular hydrogen bond interaction and the identical amino acids confirm that flavonoids could serve as prospective anti-filarial agents. The outcomes prove that they can be further explored in in-vitro and in-vivo studies to authenticate their claim as potential anti-filarial agents.
doi:10.2210/pdb2xgt/pdb fatcat:leq36je66zapnjz7ekm7rza23m