Growth Parameter Optimization of copper-tolerant Bacterium, Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila MYS2 through Response Surface Methodology

Manohari, Yogalakshmi
International Journal of Basic and Applied Biology   unpublished
This study was conducted to establish the optimized growth parameters of Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila MYS2, rhizosphere bacterium isolated from brass industry effluent contaminated soil. Bacterium was enriched in increasing concentration of copper sulphate from 50-600mg/L. Optimization of growth parameters was carried out with response surface methodology. Significance of the quadratic model is revealed by high R-Squared (0.9610) low P (<0.0001) and F value (44.85). Results revealed optimum
more » ... s revealed optimum pH-6.5, temperature-40°C and copper concentration of 250 mg/L. Results showed that maximum bacterial growth of 12.95µg/mg was obtained at optimized conditions. At optimized growth conditions bacteria grow well and could remove copper from the contaminated media efficiently.