Equilibria in the systems NiSO4-Na2SO4-H2O-CH3OH and CoSO4-Na2SO4-H2O-CH3OH

Domo ZHANG, Shigeru OKADA, Akira YAZAWA
1989 Shigen-to-Sozai  
Solubilities and phase relations were determined for the systems NiSO4-Na2SO4-H2O-CH3OH and CoSO4-Na2SO4-H2O-CH3OH as part of a series of studies on the applicability of alcohol for crystallization. Both systems were similar to each other in phase relations and solubility isotherms. These systems contained two eutectic points separating three crystallization fields based on NiSO4 hydrate, Na2 SO4 hydrate and their double salt above 290K, and the fields of the double salts were sensitive to
more » ... rature. The solubilities of the sulfates decreased with increasing concentration of methanol, however, solvent effects of methanol on solubility were greater with sodium sulfate than with nickel or cobalt sulfate. Applicability of the data to a hydrometallurgical process was mentioned briefly. Fig. 1 Flow diagram of analytical procedures.
doi:10.2473/shigentosozai.105.481 fatcat:luxv6wambjc6beikil74aunkwi