Exploring User Perception Challenges in Vibrotactile Haptic Display Using Resonant Microbeams under Contact with Skin

Daehan Wi, Angela A. Sodemann
2019 Multimodal Technologies and Interaction  
Resonant vibrotactile microbeams use the concept of resonance to excite the vibration of cantilever beams, which correspond to pixels of an image. The primary benefit of this type of tactile display is its potential for high resolution. This paper presents the concept of the proposed system and human skin contact experiments to explore user perception challenges related to beam vibration during skin contact. The human skin contact experiments can be described in five phases: dried skin contact
more » ... o metal beam tips, wet and soaped skin contact to metal beam tips, skin contact with a constraint, normal force measurement, and skin contact to the tips of silicone rubber beams attached to metal beam tips. Experimental results are analyzed to determine in what cases of skin contact the beams stop vibrating. It is found that the addition of silicone rubber beams allows the primary metal beams to continue vibrating while in contact with skin. Thus, the vibration response of a metal beam with silicone rubber beams is investigated for the better understanding of the effect of silicone rubber beams on the metal beam vibration.
doi:10.3390/mti3020038 fatcat:37r4aluh4bffdorgjbpnyir5aq