Photostability and Durability Properties of Photochromic Organosilica Coating on Fabric

Marzieh Parhizkar, Yan Zhao, Xunagi Wang, Tong Lin
2014 Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics  
Photochromic fabrics were prepared by a dipcoating method using a silica sol-gel solution containing photochromic dyes. The coated fabric showed a rapid photochromic response. Three methods; incorporating a UV stabilizer in the coating layer, hydrophobic treatment of the porous surface, and covering the coating layer with an additional silica layer; were used to improve the photostability and durability. All three treatments improved the photostability without noticeably changing the
more » ... ging the photochromic response/fading speeds. Most of the treatments reduced the washing and abrasion durability. The extra coating layer increased the fabric rigidity.
doi:10.1177/155892501400900308 fatcat:ddg5xbpugvgzhetqzfhqpkguwa