Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Homotopy Classification by Cohomology and Homotopy Homomorphisms

Martin Sternstein
1972 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society  
Using obstruction theory tools to a pair of spaces two invariants are defined whose vanishing is a necessary and sufficient condition for homotopy classification of certain maps between these spaces by the induced cohomology and homotopy homomorphisms respectively. 2. Definitions. All spaces in this paper are pathwise connected, basepointed, and have the homotopy type of CW-complexes. All maps and homotopies will preserve basepoints. Y will be simply connected, and we use the following notation
more » ... following notation for maps arising from a fixed homotopy decomposition {Yn} of Y:
doi:10.2307/2037939 fatcat:hv5ltkwbvndttllae4gsq74qbq