The influence of the presence of multiple sources on auditory spatial imagery as indicated by a graphical response technique

John Usher, William Martens, Wieslaw Woszczyk
Methods for assessing the subjective attributes of auditory spatial imagery have often required listeners to make numerical ratings on scales described only verbally to the listeners. Recently, interest has been growing in the use of non-verbal assessments, such as those using graphical response techniques. In this study of the spatial imagery associated with Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) of sound sources positioned at close range, an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) was employed that
more » ... as employed that allowed listeners to create and manipulate visual representations of their auditory spatial imagery in a straightforward manner. In this continued study of the GUI-based assessment technique, virtual sound sources were located in the spatial region between listener and speakers, and the influence of the presence or absence of multiple sources on resulting reports was examined.