The Reaction between Bromic, Hydriodic and Arsenious Acids, and the "Induction" by Hydrogen Bromide of the Reaction between Bromic and Arsenious Acids

Fred C. Bowman
1906 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
The reduction of bromates by bromides or iodides in acid solution has been studied by Ostwald,' Burchard,$ Meyer-hofferY3 Scott and NoyesJ4 Magr~anini,~ Judson and Walker,s SchilowJ7 and lastly by Mr. R. H. Clark.8 The net result of these researches is that the rate is proportional to the first power of the concentration of the bromate, the first power of that of the bromide or iodide, and the second power of that of the acid. The ordinary chemical equations for the reactions of the bromate
more » ... the bromide and iodide are : (1) KBrO, + 5KBr + 3H,SO, = QK,SO, +. 3Br, -b 3H,O KBrO, + 6 K I + 3H,SO, = 3K,SO, + 3T2 + 3H20 + KBr or in the ionic notation (2) BrO', + gBr' + 6" = Br' f-gBr', + '3H,O BrO', + 91' + 6H' = Br' -i 3I', + 3H,O _ -
doi:10.1021/j150085a004 fatcat:cng7ru7xmjemthxxvelsf7de5m