Transient Stability Guarantees for Ad Hoc DC Microgrids

Kathleen Cavanagh, Julia A. Belk, Konstantin Turitsyn
2018 IEEE Control Systems Letters  
Ad hoc electrical networks are formed by connecting power sources and loads without planning the interconnection structure (topology) in advance. They are designed to be installed and operated by individual communities---without central oversight---and as a result are well-suited to addressing the lack of electricity access in rural and developing areas. However, ad hoc networks are not widely used, and a major technical challenge impeding their development (and deployment) is the difficulty of
more » ... certifying network stability without a priori knowledge of the topology. We develop conditions on individual power sources and loads such that a microgrid comprised of many units will be stable. We use Brayton-Moser potential theory to develop design constraints on individual microgrid components that certify transient stability---guaranteeing that the system will return to a suitable equilibrium after load switching events. Our central result is that stability can be ensured by installing a parallel capacitor at each constant power load, and we derive an expression for the required capacitance.
doi:10.1109/lcsys.2017.2764441 fatcat:jolmgr35bvevhmtpj5bh5c6v3a