Lovell Drage
1899 The Lancet  
796 neck, the latter being about twice its usual circumference, which had commenced only six months before although there was a history of long previous illness. It is mentioned as a striking feature in the case that it was complicated with stomatitis and copious salivation, against which all therapeutic means proved unavailing. The entire mucous membrane of the lips and mouth was red and swollen with numerous and ever-extending erosions and the inflammation ultimately invaded the pharynx and
more » ... rts beyond. The patient hawked incessantly, but could not expectorate the accumulating secretion and he died from suffocation, the trachea and bronchi being found post mortem to be filled up with tough mucus. The case was during life regarded as one of elephantiasis and it was not until an article by Virchow on Myxœdema was published in the Wochenschrift of the same year, in which this case is recorded (p. 120) that Dr. Zielewicz recognised that he had had an example of the latter under observation.
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