The SP Theory of Intelligence: Distinctive Features and Advantages

James Gerard Wolff
2016 IEEE Access  
This paper highlights distinctive features of the "SP theory of intelligence" and its apparent advantages compared with some AI-related alternatives. Distinctive features and advantages are: simplification and integration of observations and concepts; simplification and integration of structures and processes in computing systems; the theory is itself a theory of computing; it can be the basis for new architectures for computers; information compression via the matching and unification of
more » ... ns and, more specifically, via multiple alignment, is fundamental; transparency in the representation and processing of knowledge; the discovery of 'natural' structures via information compression (DONSVIC); interpretations of mathematics; interpretations in human perception and cognition; and realisation of abstract concepts in terms of neurons and their inter-connections ("SP-neural"). These things relate to AI-related alternatives: minimum length encoding and related concepts; deep learning in neural networks; unified theories of cognition and related research; universal search; Bayesian networks and more; pattern recognition and vision; the analysis, production, and translation of natural language; Unsupervised learning of natural language; exact and inexact forms of reasoning; representation and processing of diverse forms of knowledge; IBM's Watson; software engineering; solving problems associated with big data, and in the development of intelligence in autonomous robots. In conclusion, the SP system can provide a firm foundation for the long-term development of AI, with many potential benefits and applications. It may also deliver useful results on relatively short timescales. A high-parallel, open-source version of the SP machine, derived from the SP computer model, would be a means for researchers everywhere to explore what can be done with the system, and to create new versions of it.
doi:10.1109/access.2015.2513822 fatcat:izuzamjtkbgkjiq3d2m2mxcbbm