Synthesis and assembly of hepatitis A virus-specific proteins in BS-C-1 cells

S V Borovec, D A Anderson
1993 Journal of Virology  
To determine the mechanism for the delayed and inefficient replication of the picornavirus hepatitis A virus in cell culture, we studied the kinetics of synthesis and assembly of virus-specific proteins by metabolic labeling of infected BS-C-1 cells with L-[35SJmethionine and L-[35Slcysteine. Sedimentation, electrophoresis, and autoradiography revealed the presence of virions, provirions, procapsids, and 14S (pentameric) subunits. Virions and provirions contained VP1, VPO, VP2, and VP3;
more » ... 2, and VP3; procapsids contained VP1, VPO, and VP3; and pentamers contained PX, VPO, and VP3, as previously shown by immunoblotting (
doi:10.1128/jvi.67.6.3095-3102.1993 fatcat:vxcpfzzmx5gcfflzacbnkrkfae